Software Studies

Software Studies
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What is Software???

Software can be seen as an object of (unconventional) study. It provides an outlet for monetary profit, and can be seen as a commodity. It is based on self-sufficiency, sharing history with art, design, computing, and discourse. Build a lexicon in software!


The realm of software is endless



(Logic + Control)

Often referred to as the unifying concept for all activities, algorithm describes the methods in which tasks are accomplished. They are often seen as reductionist and dehumanizing.


What makes analog valuable is it’s complexity and connectivity! Described as continuous signals represented by various physical quantities. Think of space and time admitting continuous subdivisions – what could we make with it? Which is most likely why it’s making a comeback over digital.

Spotify: Analog x My Sun


The Button is all about the aesthetic! It initiates immediate action – induces the feelings of manipulating layers of functional systems.


Code & Codecs

Codes materialize the process of encryption, mapping infinite symbols into a suitable sequence. Codecs perform encoding and decoding for multimedia purposes. It is an inherently social.

Computing Power

A computer representation of X used to substitute for the real X. However, it’s artificiality can be quite problematic.


Concurrent Versions System

A tool for managing collaborative software development. Allows for coordinating and integrating changes to code and storing changes.